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Listen to your heart and go for it – Iyengar Family interview Part 2 – IIM014

How was Thanksgiving for you all in U.S.?  Hope you are all enjoying family time and sharing this podcast with the people you care about.

So, here’s to another week with Alexandra and Madhavan.  I thought that it was perfect time to post this beautiful couple’s interview.  As you heard in Part 1, the couple made major leaps in bringing their families together.  These two came together as a strong unit and started a journey that celebrates old and new relationships.

This week you will hear more laughter and love that these two share.  It gives me so much satisfaction to interview strong and committed couples everyday.  I would love for Alexandra and Madhavan to come back to the show and share more with us.

If you get a chance, find out more about the couple on their blog, Madhmama.  Alexandra has a great eye for capturing beauty in everything and you get to see it all on her Pinterest page and her Instagram

In case you missed Part 1 of the interview – Take a listen here


A day with family is day worth knowing...

A day with family is a day worth knowing…

Meeting in the middle – Couple’s journey to building bridges Part 1 IIM 013

I get a great pleasure in introducing this amazing, loving, and passionate couple.

When Alexandra and Madhavan met, they were strangers in a strange land.  Maybe that’s why they connected as they supported each other making Madhavan’s transition in America a ride such that very few get to experience.

Yes, they met in college and fell in love and they found comfort and safety of family in each other but it took around 6 years to become a family via holy matrimony.  These two are so solid as a couple and have figured out a way to bring their families together as well.  You will enjoy listening to their laughter and jokes while admiring their commitment to their parents.  There are learnings in their story that I really appreciated and hope you do so as well.

From their story, you will really know that falling in love is easy but staying in love is a lot of work and these two have chosen that work.  I’m truly thankful to the couple for sharing their life happenings so openly and generously.

Initially, I enjoyed getting to know the family via their blog named Madhmama where Alexandra gives a little glimpse of her life in mixed culture family.  Her photography style definitely gives you a reason to admire the pictures on her blog and on Instagram.  She contributes heavily to other blogs and media outlets sharing her learnings of her mixed family dynamic.

I encourage listeners to follow her as her guidance in navigating the cold and warm waters of multi-race/multi-culture family will come in handy.

Get to know the Iyengar family on their Blog, Twitter, and Instagram.

Beautiful family....

Beautiful family…. Alexandra, Madhavan, and Maya (the little lemon rice lover)


Love and Inclusivity. Supporting same-sex couples – IIM 012

Here’s another week with another episode supporting love and courage and togetherness.  Today’s episode is an invitation to all couples, same-sex or opposite-sex couples, in interracial marriages to share their stories.

I wrote my commencement speech for future generations addressing the importance of love and inclusivity in our society and I share that in the episode.

Andrew Ahn, director of Spa Night, said, “There’s a value to learning about people who might have a slightly different experience from you.”  Isn’t that so true?  Growth comes from learning and learning from people with different views and experiences adds an extra layer to our growth and gives us the opportunities to open our hearts.

A lot of Asian communities don’t want to deal with topics such as Homosexuality.  It’s because of religion, faith, belief system, culture that this topic is difficult for some to talk about.  If you choose not to talk about it today that’s fine but Indian Interracial Marriages Podcast supports same-sex couples and welcomes them to share their stories.

My commitment is to provide a platform where all can share their stories and give others an opportunity to learn.  Love has many colors.  We all want to be loved and give love so let’s accept love in whatever color it shows up in our lives.

Hope today’s episode gives you hope, support, and courage to reach out to people who are different from you and support them.

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Mentions in the episode:

Andrew Ahn

Spa Night

John A Powell

Suzy Kassem (Apologies for pronouncing the name incorrectly in the episode)

Secrets to Nikita’s & Sachin’s triumph over challenging times Part 2- IIM011

This is Part 2 of my interview with Nikita and Sachin from GrowingUpGupta.

Sachin is a romantic at heart.  You will get to hear him speak of love and the depth of his commitment to have love as the core of existence is amazing.  Hearing Nikita speak of her understanding and appreciation of Indian culture and traditions is very refreshing.

The couple has worked hard to have the success that they enjoy today.  Quality is by-product of hard work and commitment.  I encourage you to give their books a read.  You will find plenty of nuggets of wisdom in the books.

Truly, this couple is strong, loving, and powerful.   These two definitely make me proud to be sharing this planet with them.

I want to thank all the listeners for sharing this story with friends and family.  What a perfect way to celebrate the opening of the movie, LOVING, that opens today (11/04/16).  Let’s empower the integration of race, culture, and religion and celebrate togetherness.

If you haven’t listen to Part 1, here’s your chance to hear Nikita and Sachin share the beginning of their love story.

Mentions in the episode:

Loving vs. Virginia

Poem by Pablo Neruda Sonnet XVII