Adapting to new family dynamic Tina & Richard- Part 2 – IIM023

Episode 023 / Taking the goodness from both cultures

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In this episode of Indian Interracial Marriages Podcast, we talk about family and the central role family plays in our lives.  There are great teachings and learnings for our growth and our future generations.

Find out how Richard asked Tina’s dad for her hand and what Tina’s dad thought of that gesture.  In mixed families, traditions and celebrations take a whole new meaning and we do touch on this subject as the couple have pretty much figured out how their time gets split between his and her family.

We spend plenty of time discussing the benefits of having family close by as Tina’s parents can stop by to take care of their little one on a short notice.  Tina and Richard bring up a great point of the importance of having families with kids of their son’s age.

We know communities are changing and Tina and Richard have many couples around them who are in mixed family dynamic and it doesn’t seem to be a strange dynamic to them anymore.  Well, I say it’s a great thing that we are embracing the mixed race/culture families.

There’s plenty more that gets shared so hit the PLAY button and enjoy.

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