Another Successful Interracial Marriage: Hina and Dave, Part 1 – IIM 004

Just like I did, Hina married a Caucasian man. And like Otto and me, they’ve created a successful marriage. In their case, 15 years strong!

Join me for my conversation with Hina and Dave. They invited me into their lovely home to record this interview. We had so much fun, we had to break it up into two parts. Here is Part 1.

Here’s some of what you can expect to hear in this episode:

  • The $19.95 investment that worked out for Hina (and how she met Dave because of it)
  • Why Hina proposed to Dave over email
  • How Dave’s first marriage actually made it easier for his mom to accept he was marrying an Indian woman
  • Why Dave had always been attracted to women that are NOT like his mother
  • The food that Hina eats that was a huge relief to Dave
  • What Hina’s mom said when she told her she was marrying a white man
  • Why Hina had a lot more in common with Dave than her first husband, an Indian man
  • What Dave feels is the most valuable aspect of being with a woman of a different race
  • Why Hina’s first marriage failed (and why it wasn’t her husband’s fault)
  • Hina and Dave’s low-key private wedding, and why Hina didn’t tell her extended family about it ahead of time
  • Why one of Hina’s family members thought Dave was there to fix the sprinklers
  • How Dave navigated the language barrier
  • Why Dave is happy to have Hina’s mom live in their house
  • How Dave and Hina expose their kids to different religious teachings
  • And much more! worked for Dave & Hina worked for Dave & Hina

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