Engineering a life together – Francesca & Raghav Part 1 – IIM026

Episode 026 / Really mixed it up

By Amanpreet Kaur – Follow me: Instagram, Facebook

In this episode of Indian Interracial Marriages Podcast, we address Francesca’s background and her family history.  Francesca and Raghav share their story of first date and then introducing each other to their respective families.  Though, bringing Raghav to meet Francesca’s family was fairly smooth, we get to talk about the uphill climb of having Raghav’s mother understanding his choice of being with Francesca.  It was one of the most difficult episodes for me as I had to hold the space for Francesca to share a really tough subject.

Being rejected just for being who you are is really tough on your soul.  I can imagine the pain that the couple endure everyday but they have committed to soldier on.

My words can’t give justice to the emotions in Francesca’s voice as she shares her experiences of meeting Raghav’s family.  And Raghav is such a supportive, loving, and kind human being and a great partner to Francesca.

Come back next week to listen to Part 2 of the story.  Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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