She marries a Jewish man, leaves her law practice and moves into personal coaching arena. Meet Archana Daniels – IIM009

Today, we meet a lawyer turned a personal life coach.  From a boarding school in England to now settling in U.S., Archana, traveled plenty creating a beautiful life story.   She shares her coaching philosophy along with her experience and her journey of being in an interracial marriage.

Archana has shaped lives of many individuals through coaching and teaching yoga.  She is truly an inspiring woman who found her own path to happiness while providing space for her parents to accept her choices in life.  She has a healthcare business career background.

Archana Daniels – A Life and Holistic Health Coach

Archana Daniels

Archana Daniels

“It sometimes takes going through a lot of life changes before deciding how to live your passion.  Or you could work with a Life Coach to hack the process that will help you make your daydreams into a functioning, exciting and empowering reality.  We owe it to ourselves to create the life we want and live it through action right now.”

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