The big SECRET, the Fairytale wedding, and the New beginnings – Marriage of two different cultures Part 1 -IIM 015

Thoughts of partnering up with an amazing and wonderful person weren’t primary thoughts for these two ‘go-getter’ as they were growing up.  They grew up in different countries, experiencing different foods, and speaking different languages.  But when they met at work their social differences didn’t matter as they shared common goals of ‘making a difference in the world’.
Amy and Shaunak met over 6 years ago and recently got married and through Amy’s Instagram posts we get to see the fairy tale weddings these two enjoyed with their families.  But before these two walked down the aisle, there were plenty of situations to handle including the big reveal to Shaunak’s parents.  That big reveal was Amy, the non-Indian love he had found for himself.  You will get to hear Shaunak speak of that experience. 
Amy has many qualities as you will hear Shaunak share with you but the most adoring quality, in my opinion, is the easy going or going with the flow attitude she adapted for the Indian wedding traditions.  Amy embraced Indian traditions and Marathi language with open mind and you will get to hear the experiences as the couple goes down the memory lane.
“I see you as you are and I want to do this with you” is basically what I hear them say to each other as I listen to their love story.  
This is Part 1 of my interview with the couple and you will get to hear more next week in Part 2. 
Amy shares her experiences and love for Indian traditions on her blog.  Don’t miss the opportunity to catch colorful images from her fairytale weddings on her Instagram.  She also has a knack for explaining Indian ceremonies eloquently. 
Mentions in the episode:
1.     Love Languages – It’s a concept from the book, The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman

2.   Marathi – Indian language spoken by 73 million people.  It’s an official and co-official language in Maharashtra and Goa states of Western India

3.    “Wise words are like seeds. The more you scatter them, the more they will grow into infinite gardens of knowledge.” — Suzy Kassem

Amy & Shaunak on their wedding day…

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