Listen to your heart and go for it – Iyengar Family interview Part 2 – IIM014

How was Thanksgiving for you all in U.S.?  Hope you are all enjoying family time and sharing this podcast with the people you care about.

So, here’s to another week with Alexandra and Madhavan.  I thought that it was perfect time to post this beautiful couple’s interview.  As you heard in Part 1, the couple made major leaps in bringing their families together.  These two came together as a strong unit and started a journey that celebrates old and new relationships.

This week you will hear more laughter and love that these two share.  It gives me so much satisfaction to interview strong and committed couples everyday.  I would love for Alexandra and Madhavan to come back to the show and share more with us.

If you get a chance, find out more about the couple on their blog, Madhmama.  Alexandra has a great eye for capturing beauty in everything and you get to see it all on her Pinterest page and her Instagram

In case you missed Part 1 of the interview – Take a listen here


A day with family is day worth knowing...

A day with family is a day worth knowing…

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