Love and Inclusivity. Supporting same-sex couples – IIM 012

Here’s another week with another episode supporting love and courage and togetherness.  Today’s episode is an invitation to all couples, same-sex or opposite-sex couples, in interracial marriages to share their stories.

I wrote my commencement speech for future generations addressing the importance of love and inclusivity in our society and I share that in the episode.

Andrew Ahn, director of Spa Night, said, “There’s a value to learning about people who might have a slightly different experience from you.”  Isn’t that so true?  Growth comes from learning and learning from people with different views and experiences adds an extra layer to our growth and gives us the opportunities to open our hearts.

A lot of Asian communities don’t want to deal with topics such as Homosexuality.  It’s because of religion, faith, belief system, culture that this topic is difficult for some to talk about.  If you choose not to talk about it today that’s fine but Indian Interracial Marriages Podcast supports same-sex couples and welcomes them to share their stories.

My commitment is to provide a platform where all can share their stories and give others an opportunity to learn.  Love has many colors.  We all want to be loved and give love so let’s accept love in whatever color it shows up in our lives.

Hope today’s episode gives you hope, support, and courage to reach out to people who are different from you and support them.

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Mentions in the episode:

Andrew Ahn

Spa Night

John A Powell

Suzy Kassem (Apologies for pronouncing the name incorrectly in the episode)

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