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In this episode of Indian Interracial Marriages Podcast, we touch a few different topics, including accepting one’s own sexuality and addressing all the judgements of the community and then longing for the acceptance of family.  It took years for both Kelly and Sheena, my guests today, to accept and acknowledge the beautiful beings the were (and are).  Many of you may understand the emotional and psychological challenges one faces when he/she is different than the “normality” one is taught growing up.  I am humbled by the courage & perseverance of these two amazing women as they still have to walk on eggshells around some people despite being together for 8 years.

I read an interview by director of Spa night, where he said, “Homosexuality is a topic a lot of Asian American cultures, especially first and second generation[s], don’t want to deal with it. Whether if it’s because of religion or tradition, it’s hard to talk about.” I think it’s not only Asian cultures but also Western cultures where homosexuality is looked at as a unhealthy condition and in my opinion it’s a cowardly way to reject something that they didn’t grow up with.  It maybe fear of change or lack of courage to really try to understand human race.  I will say it out loud that it’s a shame that many people haven’t grown up yet and questioned that other than procreation why is heterosexuality the “right path”.

Enough of my rant.  Let’s move to important things…

Kelly & Sheena share their story of their online meeting that led to Ohio pride parade experience and now to talks of marriage.  Both share their experiences of their conversations with their parents about their sexuality.  As tough as those conversations were the couple made it through and have taken a place as a member of the family in each other’s families.

Today you will get to hear Part 1 of my interview with this lovely couple.  Come back next week to listen to Part 2 of the story.

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Columbus, Ohio Pride Parade


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