Meeting in the middle – Couple’s journey to building bridges Part 1 IIM 013

I get a great pleasure in introducing this amazing, loving, and passionate couple.

When Alexandra and Madhavan met, they were strangers in a strange land.  Maybe that’s why they connected as they supported each other making Madhavan’s transition in America a ride such that very few get to experience.

Yes, they met in college and fell in love and they found comfort and safety of family in each other but it took around 6 years to become a family via holy matrimony.  These two are so solid as a couple and have figured out a way to bring their families together as well.  You will enjoy listening to their laughter and jokes while admiring their commitment to their parents.  There are learnings in their story that I really appreciated and hope you do so as well.

From their story, you will really know that falling in love is easy but staying in love is a lot of work and these two have chosen that work.  I’m truly thankful to the couple for sharing their life happenings so openly and generously.

Initially, I enjoyed getting to know the family via their blog named Madhmama where Alexandra gives a little glimpse of her life in mixed culture family.  Her photography style definitely gives you a reason to admire the pictures on her blog and on Instagram.  She contributes heavily to other blogs and media outlets sharing her learnings of her mixed family dynamic.

I encourage listeners to follow her as her guidance in navigating the cold and warm waters of multi-race/multi-culture family will come in handy.

Get to know the Iyengar family on their Blog, Twitter, and Instagram.

Beautiful family....

Beautiful family…. Alexandra, Madhavan, and Maya (the little lemon rice lover)


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