My Interracial Marriage: A Conversation With My Husband, Part 2 – IIM 003

I thought it would be appropriate to begin this journey with you by talking about the Indian interracial marriage I know best: my own!

Join me for Part 2 of my conversation with my husband Otto about how we met, started dating, and got married.

If you haven’t heard Part 1 of our conversation, click here to listen to it now.

Here’s some of what you can expect to hear in this episode:

  • What was important to Otto about having a wedding (it’s probably not what you think)
  • Why we had TWO weddings!
  • How Otto knew I was the one for him
  • The missing piece from Otto’s list about what he wanted in a relationship
  • What Otto realized after just three dates with me
  • Some rough times we had early in our marriage (and how we put them behind us)
  • Why Otto thought I was a good influence on his son
  • And much more!

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