Nikita and Sachin took charge of their happiness, Part 1 – IIM 010

I read somewhere, ” no one is in charge of your happiness, except you”…  I heard a perfect example of this in Nikita and Sachin’s story.  It takes courage to stand up for what you want, especially when you are raised in a family that holds cultural ways of being or cultural norms as its family values.

It takes courage, love, and understanding to get past challenges and create a new space for loved ones to step into and accept change(s) and lifestyle.  Sachin and Nikita share how their hard work, persistence and love for each other helped them build understanding with Sachin’s family.  This couple’s story will definitely give you plenty to appreciate while giving you hope for what is possible.  It isn’t easy but it is doable to build trust and love among people.

Remember to come back next week for Part 2 of the interview.  You don’t want to miss it.

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Nikita & Sachin have written two books available on Amazon:

Habits of Successful Career Nomads

The Art of Interracial Dating. I’m Dating Indian. Now, What?

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Nikita & Sachin from Growing up Gupta

Nikita & Sachin from Growing up Gupta

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