OkCupid – A well written Play about love and distance Part 1- IIM017

OkCupid introduced Justyna (युसतना) and Abhi but it’s his response to something she had posted that captured Justyna.  Then she packed up her bags and moved to India.  I know you have many questions as to why, how, what so I will let you just hear this from the couple as they are great story tellers.

They both are foodies and love to cook.  Their love for writing and poetry helped them learn more about each other as they are artists at heart.

It was an amazing conversation about work, food, love, family and we spent many hours just addressing the norms of the society and social structure in our world.  Though, I would have loved to have my conversation with them over some food, it was still delicious and I savored many laughs and jokes with these two.

Pine trees are world’s most beloved trees and their beauty lasts all year long.  These trees have history, legends, stories behind them in various cultures but I’m not going to give you a lesson on that.  “Pine” was Abhi’s response to Justyna’s profile online.

It’s a mystery why Abhi likes pine trees and maybe you can ask him on the couple’s blog.  Justyna and Abhi are very generous in sharing their daily food adventures on their Instagram which at times turns me green a bit.

This is an amazing story of young love and the crazy journey they have chosen with each other.  Find out more about the couple and their creative pursuits at Polindidiaries.

Enjoy it and leave a comment or two below.

Mentions in the episode:

  1. OkCupid
  2. Tim Ferriss, new book Tools of Titans
  3. Choose Yourself by James Altucher
Justyna & Abhi

Justyna & Abhi

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