In business together – Nancy & Suman -Part 1 IIM024

Episode 024 / From business school to real life business

By Amanpreet Kaur – Follow me: Instagram, Facebook

In this episode of Indian Interracial Marriages Podcast, we address the challenges of owning a business together as Nancy & Suman own an Indian Fusion restaurant in Wisconsin.  For them opening a restaurant came right upon the heels of getting married.

Nancy & Suman share their experience of meeting each other and learning about each other’s culture and sharing the love of traveling around the world.  You will get to hear and understand how shared interests and goals play a crucial role in two people deciding to start a family thank the race, culture, or religion.

Hope you enjoy our conversation and find a few takeaways that can help you or someone in your life.  All I can say is that these two have chosen quite a trek for themselves and I for sure wish them plenty of success and love.

Please come back next week to listen to Part 2 of their story.

Visit the couple at their restaurant.  Find all about their specials at

You can also find them on Facebook and say hello there.

I know I will be visiting their restaurant for some Dosa when I go to Wisconsin.

Nancy and Suman
Indian colors

Adapting to new family dynamic Tina & Richard- Part 2 – IIM023

Episode 023 / Taking the goodness from both cultures

Click here to listen to Part 1 of this interview with Tina & Richard

By Amanpreet Kaur – Follow me: Instagram, Facebook

In this episode of Indian Interracial Marriages Podcast, we talk about family and the central role family plays in our lives.  There are great teachings and learnings for our growth and our future generations.

Find out how Richard asked Tina’s dad for her hand and what Tina’s dad thought of that gesture.  In mixed families, traditions and celebrations take a whole new meaning and we do touch on this subject as the couple have pretty much figured out how their time gets split between his and her family.

We spend plenty of time discussing the benefits of having family close by as Tina’s parents can stop by to take care of their little one on a short notice.  Tina and Richard bring up a great point of the importance of having families with kids of their son’s age.

We know communities are changing and Tina and Richard have many couples around them who are in mixed family dynamic and it doesn’t seem to be a strange dynamic to them anymore.  Well, I say it’s a great thing that we are embracing the mixed race/culture families.

There’s plenty more that gets shared so hit the PLAY button and enjoy.

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Tina Gowin Carlucci is a registered dietitian and certified personal trainer and can be found on social media.  Her practice is named Gowinnutrition.  Tina has many tips on healthy lifestyle and she often delicious recipes on her Instagram.

All links to reach Tina are here: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


Our family

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Beyond culture, it’s a meeting of two personalities- Tina & Richard – IIM022

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Episode 022 / Friendship turned into partnership

By Amanpreet Kaur – Follow me: Instagram, Facebook

Carl Jung, famous psychiatrist and psychotherapist, said once that the meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.  It is very true for the guests on the show, Tina & Richard, who were kind enough to spend their Saturday afternoon sharing their beautiful story.  In this episode of Indian Interracial Marriages Podcast, we talk about their meeting, their attraction to each other, and family.

They are still not in agreement with when they consider their first date was and you will get to hear them share the backstory on that.  Being a studious person, Tina wasn’t interested in dating or getting involved with anyone until Richard shared a “secret about guys” and made Tina rethink.  They shared cheesecake as dessert is the best part of a good meal.

Both are very passionate about creating a great family for their son and Tina having grown up in a joint family has plenty of wisdom to share about love, care, and kindness toward others with her son.  Richard is soft spoken, patient and understanding man who very openly embraced Indian lifestyle and family gatherings.

I had a great time speaking with them as I find myself really connecting with people who get the opportunities to be raised by grandparents.  There’s a type of love you receive from grandparents that I think I can never find anywhere.  Grandparents are gifts, in my humble opinion.

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Mentions in This Episode

  • Tae Kwon Do – According to TeamUSA, Taekwondo is one of the most systematic and scientific Korean traditional martial arts, that teaches more than physical fighting skills.
  • Dance MarathonIt’s a movement benefiting Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals
  • Samosa – Indian savory fried pastry made out of wheat and filled with potatoes, peas and other spices.  It is normally in the appetizer section of the restaurant menu.

Tina Gowin Carlucci is a registered dietitian and certified personal trainer and can be found on social media.  Her practice is named Gowinnutrition.  All links are here: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Tina & Richard Wedding Day

Getting out of comfort zone – Marlena & Bikram Part 2 – IIM021

Here we are again.  We will continue with our conversation about family, language, food, and traditions.  There are plenty of hand me downs that Bikram and Marlena are giving to their young son, especially the love for traditions and languages.  It’s great that parents encourage their kids to speak multiple languages.

Listen to this couple’s love story from the beginning in Part 1

It’s amazing what love can get you to show up in ways that you never thought possible.  Hear how Bikram asked for Marlena’s hand in marriage in Polish.

Mentions in the episode

Gurbani (ਗੁਰਬਾਣੀ) – the Gurbani is the Treasure of Wisdom (Giaan-Guroo) – Sikhs refer to compositions of the Sikh Gurus and other Writers of Guru Granth Sahib. In general, hymns in the central text of the Sikhs, the Guru Granth Sahib, are called Gurbani.

Hindi (हिन्दी,) – national language of India

Punjabi (ਪੰਜਾਬੀ) – spoken in Punjab region of India

Polish (język polski, polszczyzna) – West Slavic language spoken mainly in Poland

Neil Gaiman quote – Have you even been in love?  Horrible, isn’t it? It makes you so vulnerable. It opens your chest and it opens up your heart and it means that someone can get inside you and mess you up.

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Marlena and Bikram

Marlena and Bikram

Meet me in England – Polish and Indian Fabulous Fusion Part 1 IIM020

Sometimes miscalculations and mishaps create wonderful opportunities if one is open to shaping mishaps into golden experiences.  This is basically what I would say about Marlena’s and Bikram’s meeting.

These two met during their college years and their little interactions in the house they shared turned into long conversations and these conversations brought them their little son who you will hear every and then during the interview.

I don’t want to give the story away as it sounds better hearing it from this couple.  Enjoy this story and leave a comment or two.

Come back next week for Part 2 of this interview.

Marlena has a blog (fabulous fusions) where she shares great insights about her experience of blending of cultures and her travels.

Marlena and Bikram

Marlena and Bikram

Traveling with family is adventure in itself – IIM019

As we close out 2016, Otto and I thought of sharing our travel experience in this episode.  Having spent many months working really hard in 2016 it was a perfect time to take some time and enjoy learning and loving other cultures.  In this episode we talk about our experiences in Bali, Indonesia.  I love Bali and what’s not to love.  You will never go hungry and you will always have company as good food comes with great company in Bali.  The respect that people in Bali have for their culture and traditions stole my heart and gave me things to ponder and learn.  Hope you enjoy today’s episode as we share some funny moments we had in Bali.  If you want to get more information about Bali before you take your visit, just email me and I can provide you with a lot of information.

Mentions in the episode:

Bali, Indonesia

Mt. Batur, Bali

Ubud, Bali

Holy Water Temple, Bali

Gymkhana Doha, Qatar

Chedi Club Ubud

Chedi Club Ubud

In Henry Moore’s words – To be an artist is to believe in life – IIM018

They are back this week with more to share.  Yes, they got married and now are enjoying the bliss as you see them share it on their Instagram.

You want to hear about their days before the wedding and how Justyna and Abhi are bringing Polish and Indian traditions together.  One doesn’t want to ever forget where he/she came from and to honor that, the couple is joining their traditions and celebrations to create something new and different for their families.

Visit the couple on their blog and on Instagram time to time to find out how they are doing.

What does the future hold for these two as they step into the new stages of their lives?  Well, you get to hear that in today’s episode and yes, you get to laugh a lot with me too.

To all of you who celebrate Christmas – Merry Christmas.  Enjoy time with family and know that experiences live longer than stuff so choose wisely.

Listen, enjoy, and share with others.  You are welcome to speak up so leave a comment or two below…

Wedding day....

Wedding day….

OkCupid – A well written Play about love and distance Part 1- IIM017

OkCupid introduced Justyna (युसतना) and Abhi but it’s his response to something she had posted that captured Justyna.  Then she packed up her bags and moved to India.  I know you have many questions as to why, how, what so I will let you just hear this from the couple as they are great story tellers.

They both are foodies and love to cook.  Their love for writing and poetry helped them learn more about each other as they are artists at heart.

It was an amazing conversation about work, food, love, family and we spent many hours just addressing the norms of the society and social structure in our world.  Though, I would have loved to have my conversation with them over some food, it was still delicious and I savored many laughs and jokes with these two.

Pine trees are world’s most beloved trees and their beauty lasts all year long.  These trees have history, legends, stories behind them in various cultures but I’m not going to give you a lesson on that.  “Pine” was Abhi’s response to Justyna’s profile online.

It’s a mystery why Abhi likes pine trees and maybe you can ask him on the couple’s blog.  Justyna and Abhi are very generous in sharing their daily food adventures on their Instagram which at times turns me green a bit.

This is an amazing story of young love and the crazy journey they have chosen with each other.  Find out more about the couple and their creative pursuits at Polindidiaries.

Enjoy it and leave a comment or two below.

Mentions in the episode:

  1. OkCupid
  2. Tim Ferriss, new book Tools of Titans
  3. Choose Yourself by James Altucher
Justyna & Abhi

Justyna & Abhi

Shared responsibilities of a household and learning new ways of partnership – Part 2 IIM016

Congratulations to Amy & Shaunak as they celebrated their one year wedding anniversary this week.  Many learnings took place in this one year from connecting with new family members to figuring out new daily routines.

In Part 2 of the episode, we talk about cultural differences and understanding those differences along with finding grounds that support and balance both cultures.  The couple shares its thoughts on counseling, be it from a professional or finding guidance from family members.

These two have pretty much figured out the responsibilities of running a household as a team.  Amy has turn-up service and Shaunak has turn-down service and you will get to hear more about what that means.  Success comes when one is surrounded by support and understanding of family and friends and especially the life partner one has chosen.  Amy and Shaunak talk about their career choices and the types of support they offer each other to find fulfillment in their individual paths as well.

Amy speaks of her desire to spread understanding, love, and acceptance of different cultures.  She mentions on her blog that she is inspired to “breaking boundaries & changing the world one gold bangle at a time!”

I had a great pleasure speaking with the couple and I know that after listening to this episode you will know how delighted I was to be invited to join them for dinner sometime.

Don’t miss the full story.  Here is Part 1 of the interview that is available on itunes as well.  You may also want to see this beautiful couple and the fairytale wedding images on Amy’s Instagram.

Closing quote from a great artist, Abigail Washburn – I believe in the old, because it shows us where we come from – where our souls have risen from. And I believe in the new, because it gives us the opportunity to create who we are becoming.

Wedding day - Shaunak and Amy's family

Wedding day – Shaunak, Amy + families