Shared responsibilities of a household and learning new ways of partnership – Part 2 IIM016

Congratulations to Amy & Shaunak as they celebrated their one year wedding anniversary this week.  Many learnings took place in this one year from connecting with new family members to figuring out new daily routines.

In Part 2 of the episode, we talk about cultural differences and understanding those differences along with finding grounds that support and balance both cultures.  The couple shares its thoughts on counseling, be it from a professional or finding guidance from family members.

These two have pretty much figured out the responsibilities of running a household as a team.  Amy has turn-up service and Shaunak has turn-down service and you will get to hear more about what that means.  Success comes when one is surrounded by support and understanding of family and friends and especially the life partner one has chosen.  Amy and Shaunak talk about their career choices and the types of support they offer each other to find fulfillment in their individual paths as well.

Amy speaks of her desire to spread understanding, love, and acceptance of different cultures.  She mentions on her blog that she is inspired to “breaking boundaries & changing the world one gold bangle at a time!”

I had a great pleasure speaking with the couple and I know that after listening to this episode you will know how delighted I was to be invited to join them for dinner sometime.

Don’t miss the full story.  Here is Part 1 of the interview that is available on itunes as well.  You may also want to see this beautiful couple and the fairytale wedding images on Amy’s Instagram.

Closing quote from a great artist, Abigail Washburn – I believe in the old, because it shows us where we come from – where our souls have risen from. And I believe in the new, because it gives us the opportunity to create who we are becoming.

Wedding day - Shaunak and Amy's family

Wedding day – Shaunak, Amy + families

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