The business continues – Nancy & Suman Part 2-IIM025

Episode 025 / Business world is challenging

By Amanpreet Kaur – Follow me: Instagram, Facebook

In this episode of Indian Interracial Marriages Podcast, we address talk about the fun and not so fun aspects of having a business.  You have to keep everyone happy and as a leader you have to make sure you are in a good place to create a happy environment.  When there are many personalities to please, personal life and health takes a back seat sometimes.  Even though Suman and Nancy haven’t figured it all out they understand the importance of being in good standing with each other so they can serve their customers and employees with utmost respect.

You will get to hear and understand how shared interests and goals play a crucial role in two people deciding to start a family thank the race, culture, or religion.

Hope you enjoy our conversation and find a few takeaways that can help you or someone in your life.  All I can say is that these two have chosen quite a trek for themselves and I for sure wish them plenty of success and love.

If you missed last week’s episode, here Part 1 of their story.

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Always looking up….

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