We have made a few changes

As we get into Season 2 of the podcast, it was appropriate to update the website and add a few things that makes it easy for you to connect with me.  So here they are:

  1. Now you can leave a voice message to me – Just click on the little microphone on the right hand side of any page on this website and the when you receive a pop-up message to start recording, click that and that’s it.
  2. Ask Aman – You have questions that are challenging and you are looking for figure out a way to get through a difficult, just connect with me.  Go to Ask Aman page and leave me an email and/or fill out the survey on the page.  There’s information on the page that you can read to learn what actions to take to connect with me.
  3. Subscribe to the newsletter – On the right hand side of the main page, you will see Subscribe to our mailing list area, just enter your email and click Subscribe and you are done. This will allow you to receive information that I will be sending on weekly basis.
  4. Leave a Rate & Review on iTunes – You see the bar at the bottom of your screen, just click that and leave a review for the show.  Or you can Click Here to rate this podcast so more people can find this great content.

And that’s what is new for now.  I will be updating the website to include more information as you request, so come back soon to see what’s new.


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