When parents understand the journey – Part 2 -IIM033

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In this episode of Indian Interracial Marriages Podcast, Akhil and Fernanda share their wedding ceremonies.  They enjoyed an Indian wedding as well as Mexican wedding.  The families got along well and enjoyed spending time together.  Yes, having understanding parents help tremendously in the journey where there’s a constant learning and understanding needed to make it work.

Though the couple didn’t get challenged by their families as they discussed their desire to get married, they definitely had their fair share of challenges during the immigration process.  If you want to know and understand the process, surely connect with the couple to help you out.

I hope to interview Akhil’s parents at some point so they can share their love story and the journey of over 25 years of their marriage.

Hope you enjoyed this episode and are encouraged to share your story.  Please share your thoughts in the comments.

You may connect with the couple on Instagram.  Connect with Akhil and Fernanda

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